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Friendly, professional staff
Our cleaners get to know your preferences and your home. Gaia has long term staff members so you get the same cleaners each time in your home.

Clean and Green
Gaia Home Services LLC is a small, locally owned and operated, environmentally friendly house and office cleaning company serving the greater Tacoma area in Pierce County, Washington. We clean your home or office with earth-friendly cleaners without all the chemicals and artificial scents that can be irritating, allergenic or even toxic. We custom make our cleaners from all natural products with or without custom aromatherapy scents made from all natural plant-based essential oils. All our cleaners are non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% safe for kids, pets and you. Keep your house clean and your world a little bit safer for the generations to come. If you're tired of constant housekeeping or want a more earth-friendly option for your housecleaning needs, you've come to the right place.

Ecological and Economical
Good for your health and the planet doesn't have to mean bad for your budget. Compare our services to any local competitor and you'll find that you needn't break your budget to have eco-friendly regular housecleaning.
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Why Green Cleaning?
There are many reasons to go green in the home. Americans spend nearly 90 percent of our time indoors. Many cleaning products used in our homes and workplaces contain known carcinogens and are either unregulated or untested by independent research. Do you read the ingredients on the label of your home cleaning products? Chances are there isn't one - click here for the article on legislation regarding cleaning product labeling. Even some so called "green" products contain toxic chemicals. Beware of greenwashing! Find out more here about cleaning agents to avoid. Here's another article on pollutants in home cleaning products and a link to a great forum on "why green cleaning". You can find out more about avoiding toxins at the Washington Toxics Coalition. Whether you choose green cleaning for the health of yourself, your children, or your pets, the benefit to the planet will follow.

Our Mission
Gaia Home Services LLC is committed to eco-friendly, non-toxic home and office cleaning, creating a healthier place for your children, your pets and you. Our mission is to provide an affordable service that helps busy people with day to day cleaning responsibilities, as well as larger tasks such as de-cluttering and green living, while keeping in mind the health of our environment. We believe that a cleaner world begins at home.

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Safe, effective, natural, cleaning products

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