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Cleaning Services:

All Cleaning Services Include:

All hard surface floors steam cleaned and sanitized

Carpeted floors vacuumed

Dust all hard surfaces ceiling to floor including artwork

Clean all light fixtures, ceiling fans, window sills, floor boards, and moldings

Bathroom: all bathroom surfaces, fixtures, and mirrors

Kitchen: countertops, cabinet fronts, tables, stovetop, small appliances, large appliance outer surfaces (inside refrigerators and ovens by request)

Basic Cleaning Services:

First Time Cleaning / Deep Clean
We start with a deep clean on whatever rooms you want cleaned regularly. We customize our cleaning to suit your needs and budget. All with eco-friendly products custom made for you, with or without customized aromatherapy scents. 2 hour minimum.

Weekly or Bi-weekly Cleaning
We cover all the basics to keep your home or office clean and free of the toxins and allergens of commercial cleaners. We use all our own eco-friendly and toxin-free cleaners. Pick your favorite all-natural scent or unscented cleaners. Usually takes about 2 hours.

Monthly or Periodic Cleaning
Not too messy? Smaller home? We can come over monthly or just when you want, periodically. No long term contracts required. We cover all the basics to keep your home or office clean and free of the toxins and allergens of commercial cleaners. We use all our own eco-friendly and toxin-free cleaners. Usually takes 2-3 hours.

Package Deals:
includes all regular services (above) PLUS special package services. Contact us for pricing.

Move In/ Move Out Package
Moving? Don't have the time to clean your old home or office? Does your new place need some sprucing up? When you don't have time or energy to hassle with cleaning, call on us to cover all the basics: sweep, vacuum, mop, dust and a thorough job on the bath and kitchen, all with eco-friendly products. Our most thorough cleaning. 2 hour minimum.

Pet Lovers Package
Includes: short dog walk or litter box cleaning. Concentration on floors and upholstery. Yard waste pick up by request.

Working Family Package
Includes: Sheets changed, toys/books picked up and put away, dishes washed or dishwasher ran, inside of fridge and oven as needed or requested.

Event Package
Cleaning and set up for any event also cleaning and pick up after event. We can have staff available during event if needed. We do weddings, parties, open houses and private events.

Office or Professional Building Package
All halls and stairways, dusting in all areas including furniture and pictures. Vacuuming, indoor windows and sills, ceiling fans and high areas dusted. Disinfection of door handles and frequently touched areas.

Specialty Cleaning

Ovens using high powered steam

Blinds and Curtains

Disinfection of specified areas using steam or hydrogen peroxide

After construction dust removal

Sanitize after pest infestation

Aromatherapy Scents:
Aromatherapy is included in all cleaning services except de-cluttering. All our essential oils are natural and non-toxic and are derived from plants. Essential oils have been used for centuries to affect mood as well as for their disinfectant and medical properties. Natural scents are easier on the respiratory system and the planet than synthetics.
Choose any scent you like or unscented.

Lavender A natural disinfectant as well as used for headaches, insomnia and anxiety
Grapefruit Energizing with antiseptic properties.
Cedar Reduces stress and kills bacteria.
Tea Tree Not only anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, it is also used in cosmetics and medicinal remedies.
Ylang Ylang Not only is this amazing plant used for its antiseptic properties it is also recognized as an aphrodisiac and a cure for depression, anxiety and insomnia.
Eucalyptus Used as an anti-septic in medicinal and anti-microbial products. This oil has a fresh clean scent that is uplifting.
Orange Antiseptic as well as anti-bacterial. Used for relieving anxiety and depression as well as refreshing the senses.
Chamomile Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic as well as very calming to the senses.
Lemon A detoxifying and disinfecting agent also used to treat stress disorders and fatigue. Has a stimulating yet calming effect.

Note: Oils not listed here can be special ordered on request. Client is responsible for any extra costs associated with custom ordered scents.

Click here to view a printable Guide to Services
Includes detailed cleaning checklist and all relevant information including rates, company policies, insurance info, etc.
PDF format. Click here to download the latest Adobe Reader if you have trouble viewing the Guide.

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